May 17 & 18 2017 //to go
CIVENEX is Australia’s premier expo for public works, local government and corporate clients.
It is IPWEA NSW’s largest and most successful initiate




So we are a little late on giving you the 2017 prospectus. But we have been busy making some changes to make CIVENEX.

IPWEA NSW has officially launched CIVENEX 2017. Scheduled for May 17 & 18, CIVENEX will be back at Hawkesbury Showground for 2017.

Highlighting the latest in equipment and materials technology and innovation for construction, infrastructure and civil works, CIVENEX 2017 provides an ideal opportunity for councils and contractors alike to see the latest equipment first hand and get all the information you need from the many experts that will be on-site to assist.

From road construction and maintenance equipment, street furniture, roadside assets, lighting, signage, pavement materials and road safety solutions, through to compact construction equipment, parks & gardens equipment and maintenance solutions, street cleansing equipment, stormwater solutions, construction materials; surface coatings, asset management and maintenance systems, design tools and BIM systems, CIVENEX 2017 will feature an extensive array of products and services to meet a wide range of needs.

Located adjacent to one of Sydney’s (and Australia’s) largest urban growth corridors, Hawkesbury Showground is easy to get to by both rail and road, with convenient easy train access and free on-site parking.

CIVENEX 2017 will also feature a series of on-site seminars, many of which will focus on safety and innovation in both the road infrastructure and construction sectors. From road safety through road design and ancillary systems, through to worksite safety and OH&S, the CIVENEX 2017 seminar series will feature informative presentations by local and international industry experts.

Another major feature of CIVIENEX 2017 is the live demonstration area, where visitors will not only be able to see an array of equipment put through its paces under actual working conditions, but will also be able to speak to the many experts on hand about their own individual equipment requirements.

IPWEA would like to invite participating exhibitors on the CIVENEX exhibitor committee, we want your feedback and help on making 2017 a back to the future event.

For more information about exhibiting at CIVENEX 2017 or for details on how to get there or where to stay, please contact Scott Leighton, email: scott.leighton@ipwea.org or visit: www.civenex.com