Well the CIVENEX circus has taken its caravan and headed off for warmer weather.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous support for CIVENEX. The opportunity to take part in the 60th anniversary of an event doesn’t come around too often, and this year’s CIVENEX expo was a great way to mark the occasion, with our analysis of attendance showing strong support and engagement from what was a fantastic turnout.

New innovations and products on display, a new IPWEA marketing approach that included an online app, billboards and the return to radio advertising a fantastic evening of entertainment with Ian Moss, along with the innovation of introducing an on site auction made sure that CIVENEX continues to be an expo built for the future. It was encouraging to receive a video message from the Prime Minister recognising Civenex and the contribution on NSW’s Public Infrastructure to the national economy.

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Now to the awards – Some great stands and great new products were presented again at this years event, and we thank all exhibitors who entered .

Best Outdoor Stand  Shore Hire                   Best Indoor Stand Vivax Metrotech                         

shoregire (5)   winner (8)

Best environmental product –                                Most innovative product

  Replas Recycled Plastic                                                         SlasherTech    


Special commendation to Stabilcorp for innovation – well done to all  

winner 3










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